Friday, 13 January 2012

The January Declaration

This week The Journal published the "January Declaration" signed by 26 local leaders (including me) in which we commit to stop blaming the poor and work to reduce inequalities.

Yesterday our trustees and managers came together to discuss how Children North East should respond to the issues raised by children and young people in our photography project and conference last year.

We intend to go back to the groups who took part and engage each in planning how and where the photographs will be shown where they live. We want to invite parents, schools, local businesses, housing organisations, the police, local voluntary groups and local councillors to the events to talk about the issues in their area and what they want to do about it. Then we will work with them to make those changes.

We also want to go back to our roots and ensure every child and young people has at least one day trip during the summer holiday and create opportunities for families to have a holiday during the year. We have exciting ideas how that could be done.

I am very pleased that Children North East is committed to playing a part in improving the lives of so many more children and young people in our region in new and imaginative ways.

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