Thursday, 18 February 2010

A Crack

We knew there was a crack in the wall at the WEYES building running from top to bottom on the party wall inside the WEYES building. When Children North East bought the building the surveyor said it was OK. The picture shows it after _space removed the plaster from around it. At the top of the house shown here it is large enough to put a fist in, on the ground is it barely a crack.

It seems it was built in 1877 there was an option to have an extention on the back or not (some of the terrace don't, ours does), however you can see from the brickwork that little attempt was made to link the courses of bricks, in effect the extention was abutted and over time it has fallen away very slightly. The structural engineers have examined it and the solution is to remove three courses of bricks at three foot intervals all the way up the house and then relay properly across the crack in effect 'stitching' it together, and then plaster over the top.

Amazing what can be done by professional builders who know what they are doing. They seem to  enjoy doing stuff like this, more of a challenge than a new building.

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