Thursday, 21 January 2010

Building and swimming

Monday 18th January was a Big Day, the day when buidling work started on the WEYES building. _space architecture and management have taken over the building, set up a site office and started taking out old fittings and demolishing internal walls. WEYES is now a designated buidling site which means no one - not even Children North East people can go there without permission (and a hard hat and boots!) from _space. It is hard to believe that work has started at last after all the time it took to obtain planning permission. We have monthly site meetings planned so that we can see how the work is progressing. And the target is to finish everything within 26 weeks - that's 16th July 2010.

It's about time I did something to actually raise money for the WEYES campaign instead of just writing about it. So I have signed up for the annual national Swimathon ( the world's biggest fund raising swim. It's 5 kilometres (just over 3 miles) which is 200 lengths of a 25 metre pool. Swimming suits me better than running and although I have completed the Swimathon before that was a good few years ago now and I am well out of practice. So I need your encouragement, please support me to raise £1000 for WEYES, it's easy to do just click on the 'Just Giving' button on the right of this page. And Thank You!

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