Thursday, 12 November 2009

Almost off at last

Things take much longer than one imagines. When I started this blog back in August I thought work on the building might have begun by November. However there has been a lot of activity this week. Rob Charlton who is CEO of _space group has taken personal charge of the WEYES project. Rob and his wife have been terrific supporters of Children North East for some years. The _space group have supported us all through the design and planning application process for the WEYES building project (you can read Rob's blog here: On Monday Rob met some of our Trustees to propose a cost effective way of managing the building project and suggest some ways in which Rob could support our fundraising.

Yesterday the Finance Sub-Committee met to consider Rob's proposals alongside our fundraising plans and agreed to recommend financially supporting the project and also suggested investing some additional capacity in our fundraising team to give us the best chance of raising the money we need to complete the renovation. The whole board of trustees meets next Wednesday (18th) when the decision will be taken to commit Children North East to the renovation of the WEYES building. So just one more week and all being well we will have a 'green light' to go ahead.

Rob says work could start in January and should be finished in time for the summer holidays. Fingers crossed!

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