Thursday, 1 October 2009

Spittal House FC

This is Spittal House FC in their new kit complete with Children North East logo. One of the things that happens in a project like WEYES is that people get together and other unintended things begin to happen. Most of the lads in Spittal House FC met through the WEYES project and found they not only enjoyed a kick about but also spending time with other blokes. Most of them have partners and some have children, they tell you 'it's not just the game, it's also the crack, having a laugh and a moan away from the women and kids.' There's a serious side too, talking about what it's like to be a Dad. What started as a kick around became a regular fixture and when they started competing in the Sunday League it was time to get some proper kit but that cost more than they could afford. The staff at WEYES were able to help them find trusts that might give them a grant and mentor them through the process of making an application. The lads were so pleased when the Youth Opportunities Fund gave them what they needed they decided to put our logo on the shirts as a thank you.

Incidentally one of other things Children North East does is promote the importance of men as much as women in children's lives, these young men have found a way to do that for themselves through Spittal House FC.

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